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Find answers to general inquiries about Vanemar systems, features, and functionalities

13 articles
Do I need to switch manually between GSM service providers based on my location?Find out if manual switching between GSM service providers is necessary for your Vanemar system based on location.
Which connection method do you use to keep the system constantly connected? GSM Cellular or Satellite?Discover the connection method used by Vanemar to maintain constant system connectivity: GSM Cellular vs. Satellite.
What do I need to start monitoring my boat with Vanemar?Learn what's required to start monitoring your boat with Vanemar, from essential devices to setup steps.
Can I monitor/control multiple boats from the same app with a single account?Explore how to monitor and control multiple boats using a single Vanemar app account for streamlined management.
Can I invite users to view my boat at the same time?Discover how to invite users to simultaneously view your boat in the Vanemar app, enhancing shared monitoring.
Does the system require an active subscription?Find out if Vanemar's boat monitoring system requires an active subscription for full functionality and features.
Which countries are covered by the Vanemar Connect subscription?Learn about the global coverage provided by the Vanemar Connect subscription, and which countries are included.
How can I download the Vanemar App?Step-by-step guide on downloading the Vanemar App for effortless boat monitoring and control.
Can I install the Vanemar boat monitoring system myself?Find out how easy it is to self-install the Vanemar boat monitoring system with our helpful guide.
How do I power the Vanemar Gateway?Learn the best practices for powering your Vanemar Gateway to ensure continuous, reliable boat monitoring.
Does the system have a backup battery?Discover the backup battery features of the Vanemar system, ensuring uninterrupted boat security and tracking.
How many sensors/devices can connect to the Vanemar system?Explore the connectivity capabilities of the Vanemar system and the number of devices it can support.
Can the ownership of my Vanemar System be transferred if I sell my boat?Learn how to transfer Vanemar System ownership when selling your boat for seamless security transition.