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Creating your Vanemar account
Creating your Vanemar account

Follow our guide to create your Vanemar account for managing your boat's security and tracking features.

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This article describes the steps of Creating your Vanemar Account. Also, you can watch the video.

First you need to download the Vanemar app from the App Store or Google Play from here.

After downloading app from your device's app market, open the Vanemar App by touching the app icon on your mobile device.

Hit the "Get Started" button on the welcome page. It will take you to the login screen.


In the login screen hit "Sign Up" in the lower right corner of the screen.


Fill in the requested account information. Please provide correct information as later on you will need to verify your email and phone number.

Note: Please pick a strong password that is hard to guess and is secure.

Then hit "Sign Up"


You'll receive a confirmation email shortly.

If you don't receive an email;

  • Check if the provided e-mail address is correct.

  • Check the spam folder in your e-mail app.

  • If you still can't receive the e-mail contact support.

Once you open the e-mail. Hit "Confirm Account" button. The button will automatically take you back the Vanemar app. If it does not open the app manually.


Once you get back to the Vanemar App you should see your account credentials are already pre-filled. If not enter your e-mail and password manually by touching to the text fields.


Congratulations. You've successfully created your Vanemar Account.

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