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Pairing your Vanemar Gateway with your boat
Pairing your Vanemar Gateway with your boat

Step-by-step guide on pairing your Vanemar Gateway with your boat for effective monitoring and control.

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To begin pairing your gateway, first you should create your boat. Please view Creating Your Boat article first.

Also please see Things To Consider When Placing Vanemar Gateway and Things To Consider When Powering The Gateway articles before moving on to this step.

To pair the Vanemar Gateway with your boat, the gateway should be in reset mode and the main led should be blinking green.

Note : If the device is already paired to another boat please refer to Resetting Your Vanemar Gateway To Factory Settings article and then continue the process.

In the box, you'll find the Vanemar Gateway which is the core hub of your system along with some installation accessories.


After creating your boat you'll see the following screen. Hit "Pair Vanemar Gateway" button start pairing.


If you asked to grant permission for the camera access, hit "Allow".

Then, scan the QRCode located at the bottom of your gateway. Make sure that your camera works as expected, and that there is enough light.

If you can not scan the QRCode, you may also enter the code located below the QRCode manually.
After scanning, you will see the Vanemar Gateway introduction screen. Hit "Next" to see things to consider when placing the device.

Note : If the device is owned by someone else and was paired to an another boat which is owned by a different Vanemar Account, the device should be deleted first to be paired with an another boat. Please refer to Removing The Vanemar Gateway From Your Boat article.


After scanning the code the app will showcase the following screens. Please make sure you followed the on screen instructions and hit "Next" on each screen.


The app will start searching for the gateway. Make sure;

  • The gateway is nearby and blinking green

  • Your mobile phones Bluetooth is "On" and you gave the required Bluetooth permissions to Vanemar app.

If everything goes well the mobile app will locate the Vanemar Gateway and start the pairing process. Please stay nearby and do not cut the power of the Vanemar Gateway during this process.


Congratulations, you've successfully paired your Vanemar Gateway with your boat.

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