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Getting started with the Vanemar Boat Monitoring System
Getting started with the Vanemar Boat Monitoring System

Discover how to begin with Vanemar for real-time boat monitoring and security. Essential tips for seamless setup and use.

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To begin monitoring your boat remotely you will only need;

  • Vanemar Starter Package **

  • Vanemar App which you can download from App Store or Google Play from here.

  • Vanemar Connect™ subscription plan


Please read carefully and follow the steps:

    1. First of all, you need to have a Vanemar Account to start the hardware installation.
      - Please hit this link to learn more about creating your Vanemar Account.

    2. Once your account is created, you can proceed by creating your boat.


Although the system is designed according to the concept of do-it-yourself and easy installation, before moving on to this step please consider getting professional assistance if you are not familiar with the electrical systems of your boat!


By nature, the Vanemar Gateway should be always connected to an active energy source. Therefore please connect the gateway to a switch that you can safely leave on even when you are away from your boat.

    1. Now you can continue with pairing your Vanemar Gateway with your boat and adding the sensors.

** In the Vanemar Starter Package, you will find:

  • Vanemar Gateway which is the core hub,

  • High Water Sensor which tracks high water in bilges,

  • Battery Sensor which tracks the battery voltage,

  • Entry Sensor to keep track of doors and windows,

  • Motion Sensor which detects motion and intrusion,

  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor which measures the ambient temperature and humidity.

You will also find the Vanemar DC to DC power adapter, an external GSM and GPS antenna and some self-adhesive mounting strips in the box.

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