Meet Vanemar Water Sensor

Get acquainted with the Vanemar Water Sensor: key features and how it enhances boat safety by detecting water levels.

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Vanemar Water Sensor is a simple yet effective solution for detecting water on your boat, whether it's in the bilge, kitchen, or bathroom.

  • Detects Water

  • Alerts with Siren

  • Warns when its Battery Gets Low

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In the Box

In the box you'll find the Vanemar Water Sensor and self adhesive double lock mounting tapes for easy installation.

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Technical Specs



Working Voltage

DC3V (1xCR17335/CR123A) Battery

Alarm Indication

Red LED Indicator

Alarm Sound

~75db(at 1m straight ahead)



Networking distance

≤100m (open environment)

Working temperature


Working humidity


Battery Life

Up to 2 years


ø69.0mm x H27.6mm

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