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Vanemar Water Sensor
Fixing/installing a Vanemar Water Sensor in Place
Fixing/installing a Vanemar Water Sensor in Place

Follow our guide to securely fix or install your Vanemar Water Sensor for reliable bilge water monitoring and alerts.

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⚠️Safety And Preparation

Securing the Boat

Before beginning the installation, make sure the boat is stationary and securely moored to provide a stable environment.

Electrical Safety

Ensure all engines, power sources, battery chargers, and inverters are turned off. Also, disconnect the boat from shore power to prevent any electrical hazards.

Work Environment

Ensure the area is well-ventilated and free of clutter to facilitate a safe installation process.

ℹ️ Make sure pair the device first using this guide before fixing the device securely in place.

Fixing in Place

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  1. You may use the adhesive mounting tapes included in the package to secure the sensor. While the tapes are interlocked, peel one side and stick them to the marked area on the sensor's back.

  2. Before attaching, ensure the surface is clean and dry. Then, peel the other side of the tapes and press firmly onto the desired location for a secure hold.

Usage in Bilges

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Position the sensor in the bilge at the high water level – the point where you want the alarm to activate. For correct placement, refer to the image, ensuring the middle part of the sensor aligns with this level.

The sensor will trigger an alarm when both probes at the back contact water. Keep this in mind for positioning. Make sure the probes are parallel to the bilge's base for accurate detection.

Usage in Other Areas

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You may also place the sensor in locations where water leaks are a concern, to help detect any overflows or leaks.

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