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Resetting your Vanemar Gateway to Factory Settings
Resetting your Vanemar Gateway to Factory Settings
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This article is created to describe how you can reset your Vanemar Gateway to factory settings.

Things you need;

  1. Vanemar DC/DC Adapter connected to a active battery

  2. Reset tool (A.k.a. Sim removal tool)

  3. Vanemar Gateway


Do the following steps in order to reset you gateway to factory settings;

  1. Plug the Vanemar DC/DC adapter's micro usb to Vanemar Gateway and make sure that there is power. Wait for device to boot up. (Main led would turn from red)

  2. Press and hold the reset button located next to the power input of your gateway with the reset tool until the led turns green then release.

  3. Wait for the led to start blinking green.


Blinking green led indicates you have successfully reset your gateway to the factory settings.

To pair the gateway again please refer to Setting-up and Installing Vanemar Gateway article.

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