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Things to consider when powering Vanemar Gateway
Things to consider when powering Vanemar Gateway

Key factors to ensure proper power setup for your Vanemar Gateway, maximizing efficiency and reliability.

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Note : Before moving on to this step, please consider getting professional assistance if you are not familiar with the electricity systems of your boat.

By nature, the Vanemar gateway should be always connected to an active energy source. Therefore, please connect the gateway to a switch which you can safely leave "On", even when you are away from your boat.

  • Use a 12 volts or 24 Volts power source.

  • We recommend connecting the Vanemar power adapter to 5 Amps fuse.

  • Connect the red cable to positive, and black cable to negative of the power source.

  • Make sure that there are no uncovered wires and that the wiring is done correctly.


Note : Positive and negative cables should never be in contact with each other.

Once you plug the adapter's micro USB plug to Vanemar gateway, you will see the red light on the main led. After a while, the led should start blinking green if all the wiring is done correctly.

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